Are you a creative person who feels overwhelmed by life in the 21st century?

Is there a way to get past the overwhelm and touch the healing deep in your soul?

Life these days can be pretty overwhelming.
There’s the ozone layer. And crazy weather patterns. And wars that never end. To name a few.

And then there’s your life.
It takes more and more energy to just make it through. And every time you turn around, you, or someone you love, is having a crisis.

Cancer, chronic illness, and recovery from trauma seem to be what everyone is talking about. Who has time or energy for anything else? Let alone helping our troubled world. You can’t keep your head above water. Taking time for creativity feels like a luxury you can’t even afford to think about.

You’ve tried all kinds of things. Stress reduction groups. Meditation. Long walks in the woods. You talk to your friends. You may talk to your therapist. You feel better for a little while, but sooner or later you’re back where you were. Overwhelmed by your life and the world.

Why Self-Help Programs Leave You Dry and Hungry

If you’re a creative, gifted soul, all the self help programs in the world won’t satisfy you, if you don’t find a way to express what’s inside you. You’ll feel dry and hungry, and not understand why. You’ll keep doing things that are supposed to help you heal, and end up feeling restless.

What if creative expression came first, not last, on your list??? What if you had a writing practice that didn't take you away from all you need to do to take care of yourself and heal the planet, but was part of how you did it?

Personal Healing + Planetary Healing = A Free You

Hi, I’m Debora Seidman, and I believe that personal healing and planetary healing are deeply interconnected. I also believe that for some of us, the deepest healing comes when we unlock the voice that’s buried inside us.

Writing the Prayer of Your Life is my way of helping you learn how to do that. A way to help you heal your life and the world by listening first to your soul. A way to learn that everything in your life is now, and has always been, part of your sacred journey.

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